Roi has a great fresh look for his 22 years. From Queensland’s the western down around Roma way. His beach shot was good. This time of the year here it’s very hot. Some shoots about 34C on beach and water a warm 25/26.

So the boys have no problem going for a swim in fact they want to. Got some shots under the outdoor shower as well. In studio we let out new expert sucker, Jamie, loose on this straight Aussie country boy.

Roi had a good cock on him and it was hard very quickly after he started to watch his immersive str8 porn as Jamie worked away on his harder and harder cock below, till he came. He said he is going to get some of his mates, back in the country to have a go at the hole as well, as he gets a commission for each one we do a shoot with – stay tuned. This could prove to be very hot.