“Get this hot jock to the gloryhole” many of you demanded after we shoot this hot jock, in Sydney, last November.

That exactly what we have done. Alex has recently moved to Cronulla, to work and train.. In this shoot, as soon as he began watching the girl / girl porn – he got hard. We then suggested he stand up and keep pulling for a while.

We then knew this straight jock was super turned on and now would love to get it sucked, so we directed him to watch the video on top of the gloryhole. Same one he was watching on TV. He then put on the headsets and got into the vid. We pulled out the cove of gloryhole and got him to push forward, which he did while continuing to experience the girl/girl porn. Sunny went to work on his rock hard cock immediately. Expertly sucking it stopping many, times to stop him blowing too fast. It was hard stopping Sunny as he just want to get Alex off. This went of for about 45 minutes. Then he began thrusting his cock in and out. Then BANG !! He exploded with a tsunami-of-cum!