No one else gets the kind of mainstream boys that All Australian Boys is consistently able to photograph. The creators of the site are dedicated to bringing you the best that Australia has to offer - Cybersocket.

Something’s up Down Under – and I’m not talking about the droughts or fires! If you followed the headlines when the brush fires were at their worst, you may have been moved to learn more about Australia in order to better understand what was happening. If you did, we won’t hold it against you if you were eventually distracted by the onslaught of adorably hot guys in the news! Even though Australia is technically the world’s smallest continent, it may just have the highest concentration of sexy guys. With its beautiful surfer boys all along the coast, the nerdy-hot politicians in Canberra, the rugged opal miners in Coober Pedy, and the urban hipsters of Sydney and Melbourne, Australia is awash with male beauty – and no one captures it as well as All Australian Boys

If Kylie and Dannii Minogue, Olivia Newton-John, Men At Work, and Paul Hogan are all you know about Australia, you’re in for a treat. Because All Australian Boys has dedicated itself to photographing the continent’s hottest men. There are a handful of other sites that focus on Aussie guys, but no one else gets the kind of non-porn, mainstream boys that All Australian Boys is consistently able to photograph.

The specialty at AAB is athletes and casual sports players. For over nine years, the creators of AAB have been exploring the beautiful scenery of Australia in search of these guys, developing the social skills that now allow them to approach and convince almost any guy to model for them – despite the fact that most of them are straight. The scenario goes something like this… The photographers (the same ones who have been shooting all the content for 9 years) will approach a guy they’ve had their eye on in a friendly and non-threatening way, quickly putting them at ease and convincing them to do some innocent shots without their shirts. Some are reluctant, but almost anyone is flattered when approached about modeling. Once they get the models loosened up a bit, they work on getting their pants off… Once that happens and they get hard, anything can happen… However, straight guys are straight guys – so it helps to ask them back to the studio with the promise of some hot lesbian porn. Once they’re worked up by the porn, it’s hard to resist the chance to jerk off. And for those who are open to something a little more racy, All Australian Boys also has a private glory hole set up in the studio…

Part of what makes AAB so unique is the fact that all the guys are presented in their natural state. No one is asked to pretend to be anything other than what they are. The straight guys are really straight, and the occasional gay guys are just average boys out to play some ball or go for a swim. There’s no costuming or excessive make-up. The guys that are approached to model are all really distinct and unique to begin with, so there’s really no need to do anything other than capture them on film and video. It might not sound like a big deal, but it’s actually incredibly refreshing if you’ve spent much time at other porn sites. Regardless of the site names, a vast majority of gay porn sites just dress up gay models to suit their themes. Dragging drunk twinks home from a bar to play dress up may be good enough for them – but it’s not good enough for All Australian Boys and it shouldn’t be good enough for you! It can really be a buzz-kill when you start to see the same faces cropping up in different guises on different sites! But at AAB, all the content is 100% original and most of the guys featured have never modeled before. It doesn’t take long to get a sense of how sincerely real these guys are – and a quick look at the site’s tour is a great way to start getting acquainted with them.

Check out Jade, one of our favorites. This 6’4” tall, a70 lbs. surfer is vibrant and active 26 year old who enjoys surfing, soccer, and boxing. Just looking at his body, you can see all of those activities etched into his stunningly defined physique. He’s a really nice guy, but behind his sexy shades he’d probably look too intimidating for most people to approach – especially about posing for photos! But thankfully, AAB was there to talk him into it. With his tousled, blonde, sun-dried hair – plus his naturally buff muscles and playful spirit – hottie Bryan could easily be the guy you might see and admire on a beach with his young friends. One of his hobbies is breakdancing – which somehow seems to fit him perfectly. Whether he does a prize-winning freestyle or just a dorky version of “the wave”, you can be sure that he’d be stealing your heart while he was doing it thanks to his unpretentious, relaxed personality. Guys like Kyle (originally from Canada) and Luke (an actual lifeguard) are further examples of the kind of men you just can’t fake. Everything about them reinforces who they are, from their bodies to their attitudes. Though only 19 years old, Kyle likes listening to classic rock like the Eagles, hiking, and watching TV shows like Office Space. And lifeguard Luke is an uncomplicated straight guy who likes surfing and listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. If you like sexy, straight heartbreakers, you’ll especially like Jake. Check out that body, those mischievous looks, and his great eyebrows.

If you’re as fascinated by all of these little details as I am, you’ll love the bios that accompany each model’s gallery. A lot of the quirky facts are the sort of things that you just can’t make up. It’s a shame that more sites don’t concentrate on simply showcasing guys exactly as they are, without so much artifice. It’s actually a lot hotter – and that why it’s the only thing that All Australian Boys ever does.

Subscribers at All Australian Boys usually get new updates weekly, and the photo galleries feature gorgeous hi-res images with a huge selection of images. Besides the photos, members also get to enjoy the guys in gorgeous hi-def video clips. The site is conveniently designed with dedicated sections for models, interviews, full films, video clips, gloryhole sessions, and generous bonus content. There’s even a store in the works, which will soon launch top begin selling clothing from a well-known sportswear designer. The creators of the site are dedicated to bringing you the best that Australia has to offer – and after nine years of continuous online service, you can be sure that they’re here to stay.

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